Support a Starving Artist!

 Before major publishing companies were even a thing, writers needed patrons. Shakespeare had one, Marlowe had one—basically if you wanted to write and not starve, you needed a patron to support you and commission work. I want to know if I can support myself without a publishing company looking over my shoulder. I want to know if my readers will support me. There’s this amazing movement to get away from corporations and become a self-sustaining entrepreneur. I want to be part of that. I want to know I don’t have to sell my soul in order to pay rent and eat.


You get access to anything I write before everyone else. This will primarily consist of short stories in a variety of genres, but mainly: horror, science fiction, fantasy and adventure. There’s also a novel in the works, which once I finish plotting out, will receive chapter-by-chapter updates monthly that you also get exclusive access to. Even if I attempt to publish some of the stories with a magazine or post it on my website, it’ll be long after you’ve had the privilege to read it! I also write meta analysis of books and films occasionally (Harry Potter related, mostly) if you’re interested in that sort of thing.


in return for supporting a starving artist, you get literature!

GENRES: Horror, science fiction, fantasy, adventure, nonfiction, slice of life, romance
RATING: Primarily PG-13, though this may change
TYPES: Short stories, meta/literary analysis pieces, novels
UPDATES: Monthly and Bi-monthly (shorter pieces)
OR if you would prefer a one-time donation directly to my PayPal